Josh Duhamel and Fergie are ''strategically planning'' having another child.

The 'Battle Creek' actor and his singer wife - who already have 18-month-old son Axl together - want to expand their family further but need to do so at the right time.

Josh said: ''We've got to be very strategic in our planning for it. But the plan was to always have at least two.''

The 42-year-old star also admitted he is in awe of his little boy and finds it ''crazy'' that he is a father.

He told 'Entertainment Tonight Canada': ''It's still crazy to think that kid is mine and that we made him. It's like, 'Holy c**p! We made him!' ''

Josh recently admitted he would prefer to have another son because being raises with three sisters taught him girls can be tricky when they get to their teens.

Talking about growing up with sisters, he said: ''They taught me that I would be really happy to have another son.

''Girls are great. I would be totally happy to have a girl, but... they get to be those teenage years and [want] independence, you know? It isn't always easy - especially for the mother.''

Josh and Fergie have been together 10 years - married for six - and he believes their relationship really works because they actually enjoy being around one another.

He said: ''I would say it's working because we have a lot of fun. I genuinely like her! She likes me, you know?

''I'm nobody to give advice on relationships, but for whatever reason, we just really like each other.''