Josh Duhamel and Fergie visited a dog whisperer to prepare their pooch for the arrival of their baby son.

The pair, who are expecting the arrival of their first child any day now, called in famed dog trainer Cesar Millan - renowned for his 'Dog Whisperer' TV series - as they were concerned about how their dog, Zoe, will react to the new addition to the family.

Fergie posted on Twitter: ''@joshduhamel & I getting our doggie daughter ready for her new brother with @cesarmillan. (sic)''

Josh was shocked by Zoe's calm response to Cesar, as she normally ''barks like crazy'' when somebody new comes to their house.

He said: ''He shows up and I swear to God, this guy's got special skills. Our dog normally barks like crazy every time someone comes to the house. He walks in and Zoe runs right up to him (and just looks at him). He just walks right in the house.

''She loves her ball, he bounces the ball, she tries to go get it and play (he commands her to stop) and she stops. And it's really kind of amazing the powers that this man has. I mean I was actually becoming a little submissive myself.''