Josh Brolin, Samuel L. Jackson and director Spike Lee team up for the upcoming psychological thriller Oldboy, which stars Brolin as an advertising executive, who gets kidnapped, imprisoned and has his life taken away from him. The film is a heavy exploration into human terror and coping, based on a 2003 Korean movie of the same name. When Joe Doucett finds himself in solitary confinement with little more than a bed at his disposal, this turns out to be only the beginning of his troubles. Joe is accused of the brutal murder of his ex-wife, with whom he has a daughter.

Josh Brolin, Samuel L. Jackson, Oldboy Still
Brolin stars opposite Jackson in this intense thriller.

Now, twenty years later, he finds himself free, with a wad of cash and no idea who granted him his freedom or why. Once free, Joe has little to do outside of working out, searching for his daughter and trying to unravel the mystery of his captor or his subsequent release. But things are just about to get a whole lot more complicated and dangerous.

Check out a clip of Brolin in the film below:

The original 2003 film was penned by Garon Tsuchiya and Nobuaki Minegishi. This time round, the original has been adapted by Mark Protosevich ('I Am Legend', 'The Cell') who, judging from his previous work, should be quite adept at creating the isolated, tense atmosphere necessary here. And, of course, with Lee directing, there isn’t much that could go wrong.

Oldboy hits theaters across the US on November 27th 2013.

Shalto Copley, Oldboy Still
Sharlto Copley is also a part of the impressive cast.