Sin City star Josh Brolin is divorcing his wife of eight years, Diane Lane, Sky News report. It is said a representative for the couple confirmed the split.

Sad news, or certainly news anyway; another celebrity marriage is facing the bitter end as Brolin and Lane call it quits. In other news, Brolin and Lane, ironically, sounds like a law firm that caters for the stars. Anyway, here’s a brief background on their eight-year stay in married-land: they tied the knot back in 2004 (any maths wizards might have already worked that out) after each having one previous marriage. They don’t have any kids together, so there’s one awkward court case out of the way, but they both have children from previous relationships. Brolin has an 18-year-old daughter and a 24-year-old son from his marriage to Alice Adair, which ended in 1994. And Lane has a 19-year-old daughter from her marriage with Christopher Lambert, which also ended in 1994. We can just see how the conversation went on their first date. Four years after dramatically calling off his engagement to Minnie Driver, Brolin put a ring on Lane’s finger, and on Independence Day too!

Having been in some pretty flimsy blockbusters recently, Gangster Squad and Men in Black 3 spring to mind, Brolin will be looking forward to the return of Sin City, in which he plays his customary tough-guy character. The film’s director, Robert Rodriguez tweeted a picture of him doing exactly that in a teaser pic for the new stylized comic-book flick.