20th Century Fox has landed the movie rights to Guys and Dolls, the classic movie starring Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando itself based on a successful musical, and will start the process of a remake potentially starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Channing Tatum, according to Deadline.com. A writer and director is yet to be announced, though Fox are keen to pin down its lead stars first.

The remake of the movie is big news in Hollywood, especially among acting circles, where the lead roles are considered the most sought after in the business. A few years it, Harvey Weinstein was close to getting the rights to the movie, with Chicago producers Craig Zadan and Neil Moron producing. Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman and even Vin Diesel tossed their hats into the ring for the movie, though the widow of songwriter Frank Loesser didn't find the deal to her liking and declined to sign over the rights.

Now, she appears pretty happy for Fox to take on the story about rogue gamblers and gangsters in the 1920s and 1930s. Nathan Sinatra (Sinatra's role) has a town full of captive gamblers and wants to set up a floating crap game but requires the funds to do it. He bets his friend Sky Masterson (Brando) that he can't get Sarah Brown to go with him to Havana. The role of the love interest will no doubt be the subject of a competitive casting process featuring many of Hollywood's top actresses. 

Channing TatumJoseph Gordon-Levitt
Channing Tatum [L] and Joseph Gordon-Levitt [R] Are Both Said To Be Interested In a 'Guys and Dolls' Remake

Both Tatum and Gordon-Levitt are said to be comfortable singing and dancing - they showed their skills briefly during Seth MacFarlane's ill-advised We Saw Your Boobs number at the Oscars in February. However, they're also among the hottest actors currently in the business - but can they do justice to the parts played by Sinatra and Brando?