Review of Devils Broom Single by Joseph Arthur

Joseph Arthur
Devils Broom
(14th Floor Records, 13/02/2006)

Joseph Arthur Devils Broom Single

An artist, a writer and above all a sincere and poetic musician; Joseph Arthur creates a downbeat and realistic feeling with each project. However, his talent does not end there, as at gigs he has been known to combine all three of the aforementioned pursuits by way of his improvised drawings and enigmatic storytelling tunes.

'Devils Broom' represents another stroke of understated genius from the musical pallet of Arthur. Mundane and emotive Morrissey styled lyricism and projected singing with a speckle of the troubled cry of Jeff Buckley, is propped up by a wandering accompaniment that Echo & The Bunnymen used to such startling effect. Arthur grips onto his integrity and questions the nature of adoration in this ever troubled world.

David Adair

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