Review of Our shadows will remain Album by Joseph Arthur

Joseph Arthur

Joseph Arthur - Our shadows will remain - Album Review

Joseph Arthur - Our shadows will remain - Album Review
Joseph Arthur

Our shadows will remain

He’s regarded as one of the most exciting and unique live performers from New York, the album “Our Shadows Will Remain” is the highly anticipated follow-up to Joseph Arthur's acclaimed 2002 recording, “Redemption's Son”.

Released on July 4 th, this album is full of powerful and emotive tracks to make your heart flutter and weep at the same time!

Maybe you could class him as the new Bon Jovi; however I would say that Joseph is more unique in the style of his voice!

My favourite track is “Devil’s Broom” – it’s just pure rock and emotion with its powerful guitar hooks and sleepy vocals. I also love the mix of piano with guitar – it just makes the song much more.

I think that the album is quite liberated. He seems to love his country. In “ Echo Park”, he is kind of rekindling his youth, watching the children play and the freedom he once got!

This track is very slow, it’s definitely an emotional track however the song is very powerful in terms of tensity.

“Even tho” sees Arthur’s voice change dramatically. His voice adapts to each genre of his album, each title track. This is a very good thing – just shows how talented he is! Each song has its own individuality, some differ.

There is each type of music on this album – it can one minute be dead soppy then it can change and become hard rock. Maybe this is why he’s so diverse, and he’s loved for it in America!?! The album is also much orchestrated.

Joseph will be playing many gigs this summer, in fact he’s currently he’s on his 29 date tour of the US. He’ll be coming over here so check him out in July in venues such as Bristol, London and Liverpool.

Have a look at his website if you want to listen to the album!

Candice Finney