Review of Veneer Album by Jose Gonzalez

One day I was innocently looking through mysapce when I came across an interesting looking profile, cue the auto-play default music. I did what most people do, you either turn off your own music and listen to the profile or you grimace while some sort of weird hyper mix of your favourite tunes are mixed with some homo electro pop from Europe. However when I stopped itunes when the most soothing and dexterously played acoustic tune came out from my speakers, it was Heartbeats (actually written by The Knife) but played by José González. I had never heard his music before and from this moment on I will be a huge fan. The songs are amazingly crafted and work seamlessly well when played back to back.

Jose Gonzalez Veneer Album

Acoustic tunes from the realm of Nick Drake and Tim Buckley but with a slight Spanish/Portuguese twist. A favourite from Veneer is the repetitive but hugely powerful 'Remain' strummed with the power of Bryan Maclean at his finest. My suggestion to anyone who likes acoustic music is to get out and buy this album its simply outstanding (I don't say that often)


Alex Parker

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