Review of Hand On Your Heart Single by Jose Gonzalez

Jose Gonzalez
Hand On Your Heart
Single Review

Jose Gonzalez Hand On Your Heart Single

With the aid of being featured on a TV campaign, Jose Gonzalez's "Veneer" album landed a place in the top ten at the beginning of 2006, as did his single "Heartbeats". Born to an Argentine father in Gothenburg, Sweden, he grew up on a diet of Latino sounds mixed with European pop, and has recently worked with Zero 7.

Kylie Minogue fans will recognise this track as the pop princess' chart-topper from 1989, but it has been given a complete makeover. Stripped to an acoustic guitar and Gonzalez's warm vocals, it has become a soothing and melodic piece that could easily soundtrack a future rom-com movie. It is a fine example of a cover breathing new life into an existing song, and far preferable to the relentless dance mixes and samples that are released with annoying regularity.

Alex Lai

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