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Jose Gonzalez
Single Review

Jose Gonzalez Crosses Single

Jose Gonzalez's success does genuinely make me feel like the world is a better place and that I don't battle in vain against the horror of Jack Johnson. This his second single and follow-up to the enormo-selling TV promoting bouncy ball phenomenon cover version of a cult Swedish band that was 'Heartbeats' is, for me, the album 'Veneer's stand-out track. It is the only one to evoke the haunting vocal presence of his live performance and truly display the intricacy of his individual guitar playing style. Unlike overnight fame, beauteous talent is not thrust upon you and in light of his current situation it's a good job Mr Gonzalez has it in droves. The selfish child in me wishes I'd been able to spread word of mouth before Sony did, but he's still grinning and saying 'I told you so' even though the chance had already been wrested away.

John McGee

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