Jorge Garcia wants to work with Peter Berg.

The 'Alcatraz' actor - who portrays Dr. Diego Soto in the Fox prison drama - would love to team up with the 'Friday Night Lights' creator and director, who has inspired the 38-year-old star to consider a future script writing career.

He said: ''I would love to do something with Peter Berg. I was a big fan of him in 'Friday Night Lights' and I like his movie, 'The Kingdom'.

''I met him once a long time ago and haven't run into him since, but if I would love to see him again and star in something he's written.

''Starring in 'Lost' and 'Alcatraz' has been a really great experience, but I might even go into writing myself one day. He's inspired me.''

Although he is a big fan of watching 'Friday Night Lights' - which stars Taylor Kitsch and ran for five series in the US - Jorge is unsure of just how successful the American football show would be in the UK.

He added to BANG Showbiz: ''I don't know how well 'Friday Night Lights' would play out in the UK. But there are some really good characters in the show.

''It will be interesting to see how many people watch it. But we get more and more people in the US watching the soccer World Cup when that is on, so who knows?''