Jordin Sparks is convinced her Sparkle co-star Whitney Houston's spirit was with her onstage at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards when she performed the tragic diva's rendition of I Will Always Love You shortly after her death.

Sparks admits she was so nervous on the night, she blocked out everything and to this day has no memory of her stunning tribute performance, but looking back at video of the magical moment, she now feels sure her idol and friend was with her on the stage.

She explains, "It was kind of like an out-of-body experience and I knew that if one thing went wrong I wouldn't be able to finish. I remember walking out onstage and then being done; I do not remember what happened in between.

"I've only watched it once and it's very crazy because... there's no fans... onstage and as I was singing, my dress started swaying and there was nothing on the stage to blow my dress around and it gives me chills thinking about it. She was right there."