Jordin Sparks recalls a magical moment with her late movie mum whenever she's felling low, because Whitney Houston made her feel special on the set of their film Sparkle.

The singer gives Houston full credit for giving her the confidence she needed for her film debut, revealing she even showed up on set on her day off to give her co-star a boost.

In an interview with Queen Latifah on her U.S. daytime talk show, Sparks says, "It was my first role and it was a lot to take on - I was scared. I was like, 'Please God, please let me not suck'.

"But when we were shooting the final scene, and I sing One Wing, Whitney came to set. She came just to support. She didn't even have to be there, she didn't have to work that day.

"After we wrapped, she took my face in her hands and was like, 'You are everything we could have dreamed of for this role. You are perfect.' And I just lost it because I was so nervous that I wasn't doing the right thing. I will never forget that moment."

Houston died from a drug overdose in a Beverly Hills hotel suite in February, 2012, five months before Sparkle was released.