It’s all going on for American-singer Jordin Sparks. A few weeks ago she broke up with long-term love Jason Derulo before recently being rocked by claims that he cheated on her with model Carmen Ortega. With that personal dilemma going on in the background, she’s also in the middle of promoting her new single, I Wish We’d All Been Ready, and talking about her next album.

Jordin Sparks
Jordin Sparks is working on her third album after her spilt from Jason Derulo

Jordin and Jason spilt at the end of September, after three-years together, with Derulo explaining that no third party was involved and infidelity did not play a part.

However, the recent claims by 30-year-old Ortega counteract those assertions who has said that the pair dated for a month.

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She said: "We went out in public with friends a few times so I assumed he didn’t have a girlfriend."

Although, it is claimed, that once she realised he was dating Sparks she got herself disentangled. "I cut ties with him immediately," she said.

Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo
The couple dated for three years but broke up in September

Despite the confusion of unfaithfulness, 24-year-old Sparks hasn’t commented on the latest revelations and has instead revealed to Hollywood Life that she feels "so blessed" to be working on her next studio album.

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She told the publication: "I am working on new music. "The crazy thing is that I’ve actually been working on it for some months but I didn’t want to say that ‘music is coming’ and then have this extended period of time where it didn’t come.

"I’ve literally been in the studio for months and now, at this point, we’re in the homestretch. Our plan is to have music out by the end of this year. It’s coming soon."

And while everyone waits for the first single from this elusive third album, the singer has whet fans’ appetites with I Wish We’d All Been Ready, a ballad she specifically recorded for the Vic Armstong-directed upcoming apocalyptic thriller film Left Behind.

For a sneak preview of it, click here.