Jordana Brewster feels ''blessed'' to have known Paul Walker.

The 34-year-old actress starred alongside the late actor - who died following a car accident in November 2013 - in the 'Fast and Furious' films and has admitted she could never sum up how much he meant to her in one sentence.

She said: ''Recently someone asked me something about Paul on the red carpet, and I so badly wanted to say that I can't express what he meant to me or what the impact of him being gone has had on my life in one quote, because I loved Paul so much.

''What Paul had was the gift of being really present to everyone around him. It's something I've worked really hard on. I think all of us try so hard and it's difficult to have innately... He didn't want the drama. He didn't get wrapped up in the stuff that so many people in the industry do... So I was just blessed to know him at all.''

Meanwhile, Jordana also revealed there was a particular ''comfort level'' on the 'Fast and Furious' set because the group of actors had been working together so long.

She told Boston Common magazine: ''It's strange because on the one hand, there's this larger-than-life aspect to it -it's global and just gets bigger and bigger.

''On the other hand, there's such a comfort level with being on that set, because you know everyone. We've been through so much.''