Jordana Brewster and Andrew Form have quietly split.

The 'Fast and Furious' hitmaker split from her husband earlier this year after nearly 13 years of marriage, but the end of their romance was very ''amicable'' and they will continue to co-parent their children - Rowan, three, and Julian, six.

A source told People magazine: ''They quietly separated. It was amicable. They have the utmost respect for each other. They remain committed to lovingly co-parent their two children as a team.''

Meanwhile, the 40-year-old actress previously opened up about being a mother as she admits she is ''pretty neurotic''.

She said: ''But being a mom, in general, is not easy, obviously. I thought I would be a chill supermom, but I'm not - I'm pretty neurotic. Having kids really kicked up my anxiety and made things like meditation that much more important for me. And kids really are mirrors back to you! My son Julian is a lot like me. He'll see the negative in something or he will always question things.

''He's really smart, so he keeps me on my toes. There are certain things I have to do now, like going on set, that I wouldn't have thought twice about back in the day. I'll make my boys calendars and say, 'This is when mommy is coming back. This is what your schedule is. This is what we'll do then.' That helps with all of our anxiety. I strive really hard to be a good mom and not take it too far where I'm being crazy-neurotic. What helps me the most is talking to my friends who have similar issues and are going through similar things. The only bummer is that I don't have that many actor friends who are moms, and I need some more of that in my life because it's just such a unique position to be in.''