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Fast and Furious 8 (The Fate Of The Furious) Super Bowl Trailer

Just what does Dominic Toretto think he's doing? It seems the original team has disbanded, with Brian and Mia having retired from the fast life (literally) and the world of crime, and it seemed like Dom and Letty had a normal life ahead of them following their marriage. But that's just not the way life goes for Dom, whose love of danger seems to far outweigh his love for his friends and family. Just when you thought that their lives couldn't get anymore complicated, a mysterious woman walks in and threatens to dismantle everything, encouraging Dom to betray those he holds dear for one more adventure. Hobbs, meanwhile, isn't about to let Dom get away with it this time, and he and his team cross terrains of every kind from Cuba to the Arctic in a bid to take him down once and for all. 

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Fast 8: The Fate of the Furious Trailer

If you thought things had cooled down for the 'Fast and Furious' team in the last film, you were wrong. They compromised their amnesty over their past crimes with events in 'Furious 7', and now most fo the group has disbanded, Brian and Mia have retired from their street-racing-cum-crime careers and Dom (Vin Diesel) and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) are intending to follow a normal life following their honeymoon. Unfortunately, Dom's love of danger draws him to a mysterious stranger who enlists him into another crime-fuelled adventure which takes him everywhere from Cuba to New York to the Arctic. He ends up betraying his closest friends, people who have become more like family, as he embarks on a journey that will bring him challenges that he's never experience before.

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Jordana Brewster - Vin Diesel shows off his biceps while filming an action scene for 'Fast & Furious 7' in downtown Los Angeles - Los Angeles, California, United States - Wednesday 4th June 2014

Jordana Brewster

Jordana Brewster and Caleb Walker - Vin Diesel filming last scenes for "Fast and the Furious 7" in Malib Ca. with co star Tyrese Gibson who was seen fooling around on set with the actor. Ludacris, Michelle Rodriguez and good friend Jordana Brewster was also in attendance for the scene. Paul Walker's 2 brothers Cody and Caleb still helping to finish the last scenes of the movie. - Malibu, California, United States - Tuesday 20th May 2014

Jordana Brewster and Caleb Walker

Paul Walker Gets Emotional MTV Movie Awards Tribute

Paul Walker Jordana Brewster Vin Diesel

The MTV Movie Awards are usually a time for fun, blockbusters and shirtless Zefron, but last night’s ceremony included a solemn moment, as co-stars and colleagues paid tribute to the late Paul Walker. The actor died in a high speed car accident in Santa Monica on November 30, 2013. Walker’s Fast & Furious co-star Jordana Brewster stepped up first to introduce the tribute video. In her moving speech, she called Walker “humble” and remembered his kindness.

Paul Walker
The tear-inducing video paid tribute to Walker's acting work, as well as his numerous charities.

“He thought about others," Brewster said, referencing many of his philanthropic endeavors, including tagging great white sharks for research purposes. Walker's relief work was also mentioned, revealing a side of the actor, rarely glimpsed during his lifetime "He never asked for credit or glory. He was just a really good guy."

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Vin Diesel Confirms Release Date For 'Fast & Furious 7': The Show Will Go On In 2015

Paul Walker Vin Diesel Jordana Brewster Michelle Rodriguez Dwayne Johnson

Fast & Furious 7 has gotten an official release date – April 10, 2015. Vin Diesel announced the news via his Facebook page on Sunday. Despite the tragic death of F&F star Paul Walker on November 30th, the production soldiers on, but will be released later than originally planned.

Vin Diesel, Riddick Premiere
Vin Diesel announced the news, while also honoring his late co-star.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Walker will appear in the movie and his co-star’s message also pays tribute to the late actor. Diesel wrote: "The last scene we filmed together…There was a unique sense of completion, of pride we shared… in the film we were now completing… the magic captured… and, in just how far we've come… Fast and Furious 7 will be released… April 10th 2015! P.s. He'd want you to know first…"

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Jordana Brewster - Jordana Brewster leaves a hair salon on Sunset Boulevard - Los Angeles, CA, United States - Wednesday 10th July 2013

Jordana Brewster

Jordana Brewster - Jordana Brewster running errands wearing yellow shorts - Los Angeles, CA, United States - Sunday 30th June 2013

Jordana Brewster

What Is It About Fast & Furious Six That Makes Us See It Again And Again?

Dwayne Johnson Vin Diesel Paul Walker Ludacris Tyrese Gibson Jordana Brewster

Throughout the surprisingly long life of Fast & Furious, we’ve come to think of the franchise as something of a joke. Macho men and beautiful women revving up engines and performing absurd stunts, with barely a thread of plot to hold the whole thing together. And yet, not only is Fast & Furious still around, but the sixth installment in the series is geared up to take the weekend box office charts by a landslide. The film grossed over $38 million domestically on Friday and is projected to cash in at $120 million by the end of the holiday weekend (according to USA Today) and it miraculously earned the approval of 75% of critics and 95% of fans on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. Pardon us while we stop and wonder: how on earth did this happen?

Well, there’s obviously the very enticing presence of both Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel – both of whom look like your stereotypical tough guys, but turn out to be surprisingly relatable and have really good comedic pacing. Then there are of course the members of the supporting cast – Paul Walker, Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson and Jordana Brewster – who’s clever and well-timed quips make this highly watchable. Then there are, of course, the machines, the explosions, your typical action flick fodder, which this franchise takes very seriously. But all that just makes for an entertaining, easily forgettable movie, perhaps one sequel. What Fast did and what’s helped the franchise not only live on, but become bigger and better, with the sixth installment being the best yet, where normally a franchise would be on its last leg, was to stop taking itself seriously. Somewhere around Fast Five the producers realized the ridiculousness of the whole premise and, instead of trying to disguise it, decided to just go for the full monty (we presume that’s how it was mentioned in meetings.)

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Fast & Furious 6 Review


The most impressive thing about the sixth entry into this noisy franchise is that it's both more preposterous and more self-important than ever before. Which is no mean feat. The cast and crew clearly went for something bigger and more explosive, but by removing their tongues from their cheeks they leave us laughing at them rather than with them. Even so, some of the crazed action scenes are breathtaking.

The story picks up right where the last one ended: Dominic and Brian (Diesel and Walker) have taken the fortune they grabbed in Rio and started an idyllic life in the Canary Islands. Brian and Dom's sister Mia (Brewster) have even produced an adorable baby. Then US Agent Hobbs (Johnson) appears asking for their help in capturing the villainous Shaw (Evans), who is collecting military technological gadgets for some nefarious purpose. And they agree to go along because Dom's presumed-dead girlfriend Letty (Rodriguez) is working with him. So they reassemble the team (Pataky, Gibson, Bridges, Kang, Gadot and Carano) and get started in London.

Yes, this chapter takes place in Europe, which gives the filmmakers new landmarks to race past in their elaborately orchestrated chase sequences, throwing cars like toys at every plate-glass window in sight. The first night-time set-piece in London is fairly incoherent (and nonsensical), but things get better from there, with a whizzy bit of competitive driving for Dom and Letty and a few other showdowns before the action moves to Spain for a couple of massive, gob-smacking action sequences that would boggle the mind if we thought for a second that they were even marginally possible.

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Vin Diesel And Fast And Furious 6 Co-Stars Talk New Movie [Video]

Vin Diesel Michelle Rodriguez Paul Walker Jordana Brewster

Fast and Furious co-stars Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster have been giving us the low down on the forthcoming new film and the sixth of the franchise, Fast And Furious 6. 

Watch Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez talk Fast And Furious 6

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Paul Walker & Jordana Brewster - Fast & Furious 6 Video Interview

Video Interview with Paul Walker & Jordana Brewster

Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster are interviewed in London about the latest addition to the 'Fast' franchise 'Fast & Furious 6'. They talk about their feelings on the numerous reprisals of the movie, the extravagant scale of the film and on and offscreen friendships.

On making a new sequel, Paul admits his first thoughts were, 'Really? It was a long time ago we made the first one, you really think they want us still doing this?' 'To me it's just mindblowing, and now all this talk about announcing another one before this one's even been released, that's bold as all hell', he continues. Jordana comments on just how big they've made the movie this time. 'There's a tank that literally flies out of a truck that then pummels over cars', she says. 'Someone just thought up what could be the most fun thing to shoot and then made it happen which is pretty crazy.' Paul says he has a 'healthy' competitive relationship with co-star Vin Diesel. 'I get frustrated at times and I want to tell him to go kick rocks and he'll laugh at me. and we'll have our. make-up session', he says. 'What we've got going on in real life is parallel to onscreen.'

'Dallas' Renewed For Third Season, Despite Larry Hagman's Death

Larry Hagman Jordana Brewster Patrick Duffy Linda Gray

TNT has picked up Dallas for a third season, ordering 15 episodes of the show that it hopes to premiere in early 2014. It was unclear whether the network would continue with the rebooted series following the death of Larry Hagman (J.R Ewing) though an average of 3.8 million for its second season was enough to get the green-light, from USA Today.

"Dallas has built a passionately loyal following with its expertly woven story lines, clever twists and turns and numerous outstanding performances by a cast that spans generations," TNT program chief Michael Wright said in a statement announcing the third season, "Although we said goodbye to Larry Hagman and his iconic character, J.R. Ewing, this year, Dallas has many more stories to tell and the Ewing clan will continue to honor J.R.'s memory by keeping its audience surprised and delighted."

Hagman, whose creation J.R is one of the most enduring characters in U.S. television history, died during the filming of the second season. The show acknowledged the character's passing with a memorial during the season. The rebooted shows features stars from the original series, including Patrick Duffy as J.R's brother Bobby and Linda Gray as his ex-wife Sue Ellen. New additions to the cast include Josh Henderson, former Desperate Housewives actor Jesse Metcalfe and Jordana Brewster.

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Fast & Furious 6 Trailer

Dom, Brian and Mia may be living it up with $100 million dollars in their back pockets, but living the fast life hasn't been entirely beneficial as a hole in the lives has been left by the fact that they cannot return home after the trouble they got in with the law. When DSS agent Luke Hobbs approaches Dom to ask for his help nabbing a gang of highly-trained drivers who are leaving a trail of destruction everywhere they go, Dom is less than tempted by the offer. However, when Hobbs shows him a week old photograph of Dom's former love Letty who he thought was dead, he takes on the job with his friends, determined to find out the truth even if it's the last thing he wants to hear. In return for the capture of this gang of road miscreants, the trio are offered a full pardon for their own crimes. However, with the stakes this high, survival becomes the most sought after prize for their latest challenge.

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Fast & Furious 6 Trailer

Dominic, Brian and Mia maybe $100 million richer following their daring heist at the expense of crime lord Hernan Reyes in Rio de Janeiro, but their lives have been left somewhat ruptured by the fact that they cannot return home despite DSS agent Luke Hobbs letting them go after they saved his life. However, they are given a chance to be pardoned in full when Hobbs enlists them and their team to help him take down a group of deadly mercenary drivers with their own formidable street racing skills. Things aren't as simple as that though, especially when Dom discovers that his former love Letty who he believed to be dead makes a return as the brutal and self-serving assistant of the criminal kingpin behind the organisation. Will the Fast and Furious team succeed in the dangerous mission with their lives and their chance to go home hanging in the balance?

Following the events of the Fast franchise's fifth instalment 'Fast Five', our favourite street racers are back with the upcoming 'Fast & Furious 6'. With a full all-star cast return, the movie looks set to be a hit following the trailer's debut at the Super Bowl XLVII. It has been directed by Justin Lin ('Annapolis') and written by Chris Morgan ('Cellular', 'Wanted') of the last three instalments and is scheduled to be released in the UK on May 24th 2013.

Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Luke Evans, Gina Carano, Elsa Pataky, Sung Kang, Gal Gadot, Elsa Pataky, Sung Kang, Gal Gadot, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Joe Taslim, Rowena Diamond, Kim Kold,

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Fast & Furious 6 Trailer Gives Us Action, Action, Action (Video)

Vin Diesel Dwayne Johnson Jordana Brewster Ludacris Michelle Rodriguez

A new trailer for Fast & Furious 6 debuted during the much-coveted Superbowl advert space, and it didn't disappoint in terms of pure, adrenaline fuelled stunt-centric entertainment.

Justin Lin's blockbuster franchise enters its 6th instalment on May 24th 2013, and every year the films seem to get more and more ridiculous. This year, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gison, Ludacris and surprise returnee Michelle Rodriguez are enlisted to help the U.S. government take on villains with some fast cars of their own - and a tank, of course, which can been seen in the new TV spot screaming down the road, causing all kinds of destruction in its wake. 

Some of our favourite quotes from the trailer, and believe us, this was tough, are; "We talkin' vehicular warfare," which we certainly hope it is, "They got a tank," which we can't wait to see, and of course, the last line, "do you believe in ghosts," which marks the exciting return of a certain lady. 

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Jordana Brewster - Entertainment Weekly Screen Actors Guild Party Hollywood California United States Saturday 26th January 2013

Jordana Brewster

Video - Jordana Brewster Returns To Her Car After Drybar Visit

'The Fast and the Furious' actress Jordana Brewster enters a parking lot clutching a bottle of water after leaving the Drybar hair salon on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles.

There have been reports over the last month suggesting Brewster may have to make room in her life for a brother-in-law as British comedian Russell Brand has become rather fond of her younger sister Isabella. Recent reports even remark that Brand and Isabella are thinking of moving in together after they were apparently spotted viewing a house to rent in LA

Jordana Brewster and Julie Gonzalo - Jordana Brewster and Julie Gonzalo Friday 4th May 2012 TNT's Dallas Press Junket at the Four Seasons hotel

Jordana Brewster and Julie Gonzalo

Video - Jordana Brewster Leaves Training

Brazilian-American actress Jordana Brewster leaves her personal trainer's home in LA yesterday and jumps into her Range Rover.The 32-year-old is best known for her part as Mia Toretto in the Fast and Furious films - The Fast and the Furious 6 is currently in pre-production and is gearing up for a reported May 2013 start.

Jordana began her career in a one-off episode of All My Children but followed that with a fixed role as Nikki Munson in the TV series As The Word Turns from 1995 to 2001

Jordana Brewster and Grauman's Chinese Theatre - Jordana Brewster, Josh Henderson Thursday 12th April 2012 at the TCM Classic Film Festival opening night premiere of the 40th anniversary restoration of 'Cabaret' at Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Jordana Brewster and Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Video - Jordana Brewster Leaving A Blow Dry Bar On Sunset Plaza

Actress Jordana Brewster (The Fast and the Furious) leaves a blow dry bar on Sunset Plaza

Jordana Brewster and her mother Maria Joao Brewster - Jordana Brewster and her mother Maria Joao Brewster Los Angeles, California - outside the Byron & Tracey Lounge held at Byron & Tracey Salon Friday 29th May 2009

Jordana Brewster and Her Mother Maria Joao Brewster

Fast & Furious Review

Doing its best to further erase whatever pleasant memories (guilty or no) people may still have had from the 2001 original, Fast & Furious reunites The Fast and the Furious cast with much ballyhoo, only to kill one of them off in no time flat and leave viewers fairly unconcerned with what happens to the rest of them. Given that this third sequel is intent on treating the events of the origin film as some sort of holy text, this is probably not the effect that the filmmakers were going for.

For the record, Rob Cohen's The Fast and the Furious -- which took the name from a 1955 Roger Corman racing flick, and updated the master's exploitation bent with well-deployed studio gloss -- was a perfectly enjoyable piece of work. Throwing squadrons of neon-colored muscle cars and a still-trying Vin Diesel into the middle of an overheated potboiler drama about family honor and loyalty turned out to be a genius stroke; the thing left scorch marks. It moved with the skillful speed of well-honed pulp. By contrast, the near-laughable Fast & Furious (directed by Justin Lin, who did the honors on the last installment, Tokyo Drift) tries far too hard and achieves very little.

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Jordana Brewster Monday 16th June 2008 with her boyfriend taking a stroll in West Hollywood Los Angeles, California

Jordana Brewster

The Faculty Review

Very Good
Finally. We always knew Robert Rodriguez had talent as a filmmaker. We were just waiting for someone to put a good script in his hands, and Kevin Williamson has done that here. Do not be fooled by the woefully bad trailers, or by the fact that critics have roundly panned this horror film. The Faculty is easily the best of the genre to come along since Williamson's breakout hit, Scream. It is also the first watchable film Rodriguez has put up since storming onto the scene with El Mariachi.

Easily the biggest problem with this movie is in the marketing. I can only imagine how pissed off Williamson, Rodriguez, and everyone else involved in the movie must have been to see the film marketed as just another schlocky entry into the horror genre, which generally takes the words aliens; teenagers; battle; suspicious; killer; small town; etc. and jumble them up to come up with a concept (to wit, this time: suspicious small town teenagers battle killer aliens). Now if you are already a big 80s horror fan, just skip this review, because you already saw the movie, but this review is for people who are highly suspicious of shelling out eight bucks to see a horror flick. The only reason I actually saw The Faculty was because my little sister begged me to. But now I'm trying to convince you to.

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Jordana Brewster

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Fast and Furious 8 (The Fate Of The Furious) Super Bowl Trailer

Fast and Furious 8 (The Fate Of The Furious) Super Bowl Trailer

Just what does Dominic Toretto think he's doing? It seems the original team has disbanded,...

Fast 8: The Fate of the Furious Trailer

Fast 8: The Fate of the Furious Trailer

If you thought things had cooled down for the 'Fast and Furious' team in the...

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Furious 7 Movie Review

For their seventh adventure, the Fast & Furious cast and crew continue to outdo themselves...

Furious 7 - Super Bowl TV Spot Trailer

Furious 7 - Super Bowl TV Spot Trailer

The sins of London have followed them home. After throwing Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) out...

Furious 7 Trailer

Furious 7 Trailer

The cast of 'Furious 7' talk about their favourite moments from the 'Fast & Furious'...

Fast & Furious 7 Trailer

Fast & Furious 7 Trailer

There's ever more death-defying stunts to be had with this crack team of vehicular warriors,...

Fast & Furious 6 Movie Review

Fast & Furious 6 Movie Review

The most impressive thing about the sixth entry into this noisy franchise is that it's...

Fast & Furious 6 Trailer

Fast & Furious 6 Trailer

Dom, Brian and Mia may be living it up with $100 million dollars in their...

Fast & Furious 6 Trailer

Fast & Furious 6 Trailer

Dominic, Brian and Mia maybe $100 million richer following their daring heist at the expense...