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Jonny Owen (born July 4th 1971)
Jonny Owen is a Welsh actor and filmmaker.

Jonny Owen: Film career
Jonny Owen made his television debut in Welsh drama 'Nuts and Bolts' before landing roles in 'Murphy's Law' opposite James Nesbitt and 'Dirty Work' alongside Neil Pearson.
He has worked alongside 'Trainspotting' author Irvine Welsh on several TV appearances such as 'Dose', 'Wedding Belles' and 'Good Arrows'.
In 2006, he won a string of awards for his appearance in the film 'Little White Lies', and that same year won a Welsh Bafta for the documentary 'The Aberfan Disaster'.
2007 saw him in an episode of Russell T Davies' 'Doctor Who' spin-off 'Torchwood'.
He landed a recurring role as Ady in 'Shameless' in 2009, and the same year starred in the movie 'A Bit of Tom Jones?'.
In 2013, Owen's music based web series 'Svengali' starring Sally Phillips from Smack the Pony and record producer Alan McGee was put to film. The movie version starred Martin Freeman.

Jonny Owen: Personal life
Jonny Owen was a Welsh Boys Club Boxing champion in his teens, before finding success in the band The Pocket Devils in which he played for around ten years.
Jonny Owen is currently in a relationship with Vicky McClure.

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Svengali Review


There's enough charming energy in this loose London music scene comedy to keep us entertained, but the plot drives us round the bend by refusing to go anywhere. Yes, this is one of those achingly British films that pulls the rug out from under its characters (and indeed its audience) every time they're threatened with even a moment of happiness.

Our hero is Dixie (Jonny Owen), who leaves rural Wales when he discovers a band on YouTube that he thinks he can manage into stardom. In London, he discovers that the Premature Congratulations (Michael Sosha, Dylan Edwards, Joel Fry and Curtis Thomson) are four hapless young men who make great music but have barely a whiff of common sense between them. So his efforts to promote them are more difficult than expected, especially since his record-exec childhood friend Horsey (Roger Evans) won't give him the time of day. Then just as Dixie's girlfriend Shell (Vicky McClure) gets fed up with his debt-incurring ways, The Prems suddenly become the hottest unsigned band in London.

Not that Dixie is capable of getting them signed to one of the labels clamouring for them. No, this is one of those movies in which everything goes wrong on cue. Not only does success remain tantalisingly out of reach, but Dixie also has problems with a loan shark (Michael Smiley) and a surly record-shop boss (Martin Freeman). And his father is dying too. These are far too many obstacles for a scruffy little movie, and not one of them feels either relevant or necessary. It's merely Owen the screenwriter torturing Owen the actor. He may be relentlessly charming on-screen, but it's all so contrived that we know it's pointless to care about anything.

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Svengali Trailer

Dixie is a Welsh postman who has arrived in London to follow his dreams of becoming the next big music mogul. After months of watching YouTube videos, he comes across The Premature Congratulations - a band that he thinks could make it big. Teaming up with his partner Michelle, he searches for the band and offers to be their manager. They're initially nonchalant about the situation, but they start to grow in confidence as Dixie lands them more and more gigs. However, they also start lacking in appreciation for poor Dixie, who is struggling to pay his rent on very little income and is facing difficult times ahead if he wants to communicate with the major powers of the UK music industry. With The Prems slowly slipping from his grasp and Michelle becoming increasingly more frustrated with him, Dixie is forced to think carefully about his future both privately and professionally.

This musical comedy is about the struggles of the backbone of any music industry - the managers. It was written by and stars Jonny Owen in his screenwriting debut, and was directed by John Hardwick ('33X Around the Sun'). 'Svengali' is due for release in cinemas on March 21st 2014 and on DVD and Blu-ray on April 7th.

Svengali Movie Review - Click here to read.

Jonny Owen

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Jonny Owen

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4th July, 1971







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Svengali Movie Review

Svengali Movie Review

There's enough charming energy in this loose London music scene comedy to keep us entertained,...

Svengali Trailer

Svengali Trailer

Dixie is a Welsh postman who has arrived in London to follow his dreams of...