For most people, Halloween means fashioning some kind of mummy outfit out of an old bed sheet that you no longer need. Or popping down the pound shop for a witch’s hat and cheap face paint. It means carving a rudimentary smile in a pumpkin. It means traipsing round the neighbourhood with your children whilst they beg people for confectionary that’s actually worth more than the cheap outfit you hastily dressed them up to go trick or treating. Or it means staying home and pretending that you’re not in, whilst watching a marathon of horror DVDs.

Not if you’re Jonathan Ross though. Oh no. The formerly-disgraced-but-now-sort-of-back-in-everyone’s-good-books TV presenter must be planning to throw one hell (see what we did there) of a party because he’s got workers in transforming his palatial home into some kind of castle, or dungeon. No expense spared for a party at Wossy’s house, folks!

Jonathan Ross house

Finishing touches beingadded to Jonathan Ross' house for Halloween party


Even the neighbours have got in on the act. One of Ross’ neighbours have decorated the whole of the front of the house in cobwebs and stuck a giant spider above the front door. On a first floor balcony, a statue of a burglar seems to be making its way inside, as Spiderman looks on. Down in the garden, Batman’s posing by a garden wall.

Jonathan Ross Neighbour house

Jonathan Ross' neighbour's house, complete with scary decorations


Jonathan has pulled out all the stops to make his house look like a gothic palace; it now looks like a medieval house of horror, complete with bars across the windows. It looks as though he’s trying to outdo himself, after the success of his Halloween party last year. Guests at that one included David Walliams, Jimmy Carr, Simon Pegg and Michael McIntyre. Oh, to be a fly on the wall at tonight’s festivities!


Jonathan Ross' Neighbour's HouseSpiderman on the prowl at Jonathan Ross' neighbour's house