ITV's rebranding, the biggest of its kind undertaken by the company for 11 years, includes a major redesign of their logo, but it hasn't gone down well, and has been the target for some twitter slack.

@famousmales congratulatet his six-month-old nephew for designing the logo "using only wax crayons and some sick", in a twitter-quip. @WelshDalaiLama tweeted: "This is either the most complicated product you can buy at Ann Summers OR it's the new ITV logo. Can't decide which." @TheMediaTweets said: "Leading opinions on ITV logo: 1) It looks like a bum 2) Looks like a kid did it 3) It's still better than London2012" and @mikeshaw101 wrote: "The new ITV logo looks like something a local charity would use after Debbie in marketing goes on a half-day photoshop course." Here at Contact Music, we can't see what all the fuss is about. 

ITV Group Director of Marketing and Research, Rufus Radcliffe said of the new look: "In an ever more crowed market place, both domestically and internationally, the need for a modern, flexible brand identity that connects with our viewers and customers has never been more important." Sounds like management jargon, and there's more: "We are really excited to soon be unveiling a new identity that is as up-to-date, and relevant as our content. Big, bold and creatively ambitious, it will be true to our DNA as a brand at the heart of popular culture."

It's been a pretty good year for ITV, with Jonathan Ross starting his new talk show and their reality show The Only Way is Essex going from strength to strength.