Jonathan Pryce spent more than a week in hospital after contracting coronavirus.

The 73-year-old actor also developed pneumonia as a result of battling the virus, and though it left him feeling ''tired and anxious'' for several weeks, he's ''secretly rather pleased'' that he came through it and has developed some immunity.

He told The Observer magazine: ''I had coronavirus in late March. I was hospitalised for eight days with Covid pneumonia. It left me tired and anxious for a long time, but I'm over that. I've now got high levels of antibodies so I'm secretly rather pleased with myself.''

The 'Game of Thrones' star has enjoyed the lockdown measures that were imposed to slow the spread of the disease because he believes they helped foster a sense of community.

He said: ''The one comfort of being in lockdown was that everyone else was, too. Well, apart from Dominic Cummings.

''I live in an area of east London with a lovely community feel. We all looked out for each other, dropping off home-made bread and cakes. I've secretly enjoyed being cocooned at home.''

The 'Two Popes' actor used to believe that, as he got older, he'd find comfort in religion but that hasn't been the case.

He said: ''I always thought I'd find religion in my old age and it would be the answer to everything. It ain't happened, apart from being Pope for a few weeks.''

Meanwhile, Jonathan admitted he's always been wary of getting into debt after seeing the devastating toll financial issues had on his father.

He said: ''My father had a nervous breakdown. My parents opened a small grocery shop and he always let customers put things on tick.

''He was a town councillor, on the housing committee, very caring. People ended up owing him a lot of money.

''When I was 11, he walked out of the house and went missing for days. When he was found, he'd lost his memory. It's why I've never got into debt.''