HBO premiered their latest series last night (19 Jan.), the San Francisco-set Looking, a show about finding the right right partner and who you are in the world. The difference between the new show and countless other series that fit this formula is that it's three central characters, played by Jonathan Groff, Murray Bartlett & Frankie J. Alvarez, are all gay.

Jonathan Groff, Murray Bartlett & Frankie J. Alvare
Jonathan Groff [L], Murray Bartlett [M] & Frankie J. Alvare [R] star in the show

The newly premiered comedy drama managed to draw in promising audience numbers and even more promising critical praise, with a number of early reviews for the show already declaring to fans of the premium cable network that HBO have produced yet another show to become obsessed with. Gaining comparisons to much-praised series Girls, the show promises so much more than being 'Girls with guys' as this modern-day sitcom looks to lift the lid on the still-relatively taboo nature of same-sex relationships in a way that has hardy been done before.

The opening season looks to develop the three central characters; video game-developer Patrick (Groff), artist assistant and Patrick's best friend Agustín (Alvarez) and their roommate and friend Dom (Bartlett), exploring their lives and loves in present day San Francisco. Obviously standing apart from the crowd thanks to the sexual preferences of its three central characters, the show has already demonstrated that it will explore more than just the stereotypes associated with gay men.

Lena Dunham
The show has already gained comparisons to Lena Dunham's Girls

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