The Jonas Brothers have cancelled their upcoming live tour due to creative differences, it has emerged. A rep speaking to The Hollywood Reporter said that a "deep creative rift" was to blame for the pop group's discord. The three brothers - Nick, Joe and Kevin - are said to be divided on the future musical direction of their successful boyband.

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The Jonas Brothers Have Cancelled A Major Tour.

The decision to call off their planned major tour sprang from disagreements over their expected fifth studio album and first release since 2009. A source speaking to THR explained, "Once they realized they couldn't agree on music, it became a question of, 'Why would we go out on tour right now?' Their thought process was to get everything straight in terms of the creative. It was not a small thing [to call off the tour]."

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The Boyband's Future Is Uncertain.

Some may speculate that the band's drifting apart stems from Kevin Jonas' secondary career as reality TV star of his own show, E!'s Married to Jonas, in which his and his pregnant wife Dani's lives are followed. However, the source claims that the cancellation had nothing to do with Kevin's television career or his wife, saying it "doesn't have anything to do with [Dani's] pregnancy [and] Kevin isn't filming right now. They made a choice to skip this season."

Having formed in 2006, the New Jersey trio reached prominence in 2007, quickly becoming squeaky clean teen favourites with their infectious guitar pop. Though the band have released two new singles this year, 'Pom Poms' and 'First Time,' the future of the group and any new records "remains to be seen" according to their rep.

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It's Unclear When Fans Will Hear A Fifth Album.

Scheduled support act Bonnie McKee tweeted her anguish at the cancelled shows, writing "sad 2 say my tour w @jonasbrothers has been canceled!" However, the source says the boys need time to sort themselves out and reunite: "They'll sit and hash it out. This is more of an existential question for them: What will the music sound like? What's the right look?"

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