The Jonas Brothers could be breaking up according to reports.

Jonas Brothers
The Jonas brothers L-R: Nick, Joe and Kevin.

It could be the end of the line for the Jonas Brothers, namely Kevin, Joe and Nick, as they are, according to TMZ, heading in separate directions. It seems the band has lost its identity and they have cancelled their upcoming tour, which was due to begin today (11th October). The tour was set to encompass 19 venues all of which have been called off. 

The brothers have been performing since childhood and have officially been working together since 2005. It's hardly surprising they may need some time apart to focus on other aspects of their lives. Nick Jonas appears to be enjoying his life, if his Instagram is anything to go by, sporting a collection of sharp suits and newly developed muscles. Kevin Jonas married Daniella Deleasa in 2009 and the couple are expecting a baby early in the New Year. Meanwhile, Joe Jonas has been pottering around wearing a series of bizarre t-shirts. 

Nick and Joe Jonas
Nick and Joe Jonas performing in Tampa, Florida.

The brothers were meant to be working on their fifth album together. It seems this is the cause of their rift. It appears each brother wants to make his own contribution to the songs and add his own personal spin on them. They have decided, according to the reports, that they will not release anything new as the style would not be consistent. 

It is uncertain if these reports will prove true, according to TMZ's sources "it could go either way." Things will be talked out this weekend, sources claim, and the brothers will then decide whether or not to separate. 

Kevin Jonas
Kevin Jonas performing in Tampa.