Jonas Blue has set his sights on playing Glastonbury in 2021.

The 'Rise' hitmaker - whose real name is Guy Robin - is hoping he'll get to play the world famous festival when it returns next year, after this week's 50th anniversary event was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the OCD-sufferer has insisted he will not be pitching a tent at Worthy Farm.

He said: ''I would love to do Glastonbury. Being from the UK, it's one of those gigs I think everyone wants to do. Hopefully next year.

''But no f***ing way am I camping. No way. I'd have to build a house for it to work.

''I've been to so many festivals with my mates but I've not done any camping stuff.

''I've got the worst OCD so I wouldn't be camping at all. That's probably why I don't have crazy stories from festivals.''

Meanwhile, the DJ-and-producer - who is back with new single 'Naked' featuring New York singer MAX - has revealed he's ditching albums for singles.

Jonas - who released his debut and only full-length release, 'Blue', in 2018 - added to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: ''I'm not going to be doing an album any time soon. I really enjoy doing singles. I can move quickly with them, especially in the world that I'm in, because the trends are forever changing.

''I'm not planning to saturate the market with loads of records, it's just about putting 'Naked' out and that being my biggest record to date, I hope.''

Elsewhere, the 'Perfect Strangers' hitmaker admitted he doesn't see how clubs will be able to re-open with the threat of Covid-19 and it being impossible to get drunk and remain socially distant to fellow partiers.

He admitted: ''Clubs will not work, how can you tell 6,000 drunk people to stand a metre or two metres apart? It's never going to f***ing work.

''It wouldn't work with me if I'd had a few drinks. I wouldn't even know what two metres is at that point.''