Jonas Blue's obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) has got ''worse'' amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The 30-year-old DJ-and-producer - who recently split from model girlfriend Melissa London - has been open about his struggles with the condition and admitted spending long periods of time alone amid the lockdown period has escalated his rituals and routines.

He said: ''Lockdown has made my OCD worse. I've got my vinyl stored in a specific order and even when it comes to knives and forks they all have to be facing the right way. It makes me feel calmer.

''I've been on my own during lockdown. I'm no longer with my girlfriend, which is tough, but my life as a DJ and producer and be pretty solitary so I'm used to my own company.''

Despite splitting from Melinda, Jonas - whose real name is Guy Robin - hasn't ruled out them getting back together in the future.

He said: She's back home in Germany but we speak all the time. She's super proud and happy of what I've achieved but it was tough trying to make it work. She had to fly out to see me wherever I was. It's sad things didn't work out but I haven't ruled out getting back with Melinda.''

The 'Naked' singer is still stunned by his own success.

He added to OK! magazine: ''I never expected this level of fame. Only a couple of years ago I was making music in my dad's garage and now I'm flying all over the world.

''To be able to release music is something I never take for granted.

''At one point I was having to pinch myself to check it was real. I even considered running around my garden naked. I didn't!''