The buddy cop movie is back, and officers Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) have to go back to college as undercover agents trying to get to the root of a drug doing the rounds on campus in '22 Jump Street'. Of course, the mission doesn’t go exactly to plan via a concoction of college memories and nasty gangsters. 

22 Jump StreetJonah Hill and Channing Tatum in '22 Jump Street'

With the extreme success of 21 Jump Street, Phil Lord and Chris Miller were under intense pressure to deliver with this sequel. But if the early reviews are anything to go by, they’ve nailed it. 

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“There are only a few occasions where some of the jokes feel over-worked and the pace sags but even then Lord and Miller always seem to have something up their sleeve to put the film back on track. It's a wildly entertaining feel-good movie that not only rates as one of the best mainstream comedies of the year but also one of the finest sequels you likely to see,” writes Rob Carnevale for The List.

“Tatum’s performance here is even more puppy-dog lovable than last time, and his scenes with Hill possess a goofy, low-key warmth too often lacking in big-budget comedy,” writes Tom Huddleston for Time Out. “Add to that a smattering of top-notch slapstick – one early gag borders on Buster Keaton-ish genius – and perhaps the funniest closing credits sequence ever, and there’s enough goodwill left over to balance out the clunky bits.”

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Indie Wire’s Oliver Lyttelton says: “It’s still funny and engaging, and the film peaks right at the end with a glorious closing credit sequence that provides some of the biggest laughs in the film, while seemingly blowing up the franchise. Which is almost a shame, because if Lord and Miller can keep up the quality to this degree, we'd happily watch a 'Jump Street' movie every couple of years for the foreseeable future.”