‘The Daily Show’s’ departing host Jon Stewart got the shock of his life on Thursday evening, when his regular ‘moment of zen’ segment was interrupted by WWE wrestler Seth Rollins. Rollins gatecrashed the long running Comedy Central talk show as part of the latest chapter in the growing rivalry between the wrestler and the late night funnymant.

Jon StewartJon Stewart has made an enemy out of Seth Rollins

It all started earlier this month when Rollins called out ‘The Daily Show’ host during a promo on WWE’s Monday Night Raw. Rollins, who calls himself the future of the WWE, told the audience during the February 9th edition of 'Raw' he was now untouchable and could do anything, from getting elected President of the United States to taking over as host of ‘The Daily Show’ to “make that thing actually watchable.”

It didn't take Stewart long to respond to Rollins, with the comedian making a homemade video where he called out the wrestler and told him, "This is the biggest mistake you've ever made, going after 'The Daily Show'. I'm coming for you Rollins, and you're going to see it. One hundred and sixty pounds of dynamite."

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But Rollins chose to answer Stewart’s threats directly, leading to a hilarious segment at the end of Thursdays edition of 'The Daily Show'. Interrupting the moment of zen, Rollins was shown on video telling Stewart, “I’ve heard every single thing you’ve been saying about me. I hope my friend, that you are prepared for a world of hurt.”

Watch Seth Rollins crash 'The Daily Show With Jon Stewart':

Stewart then mockingly called the WWE superstar Obi Wan, adding that he actually had a little wrestling in his background. But before Stewart had a chance to showcase any of his skills, Rollins appeared behind the host telling him "Why don't you shut your mouth and bring it, pal?".

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"I will bring it, although unfortunately I don't have it with me right now,'" Stewart replied. "So I will perhaps look for it and meet you somewhere at a later date.” Rollins then invited the 52 year old to show up at this Monday's edition of WWE Raw, taking place in New Jersey. Stewart, perhaps unadvisedly, accepted Rollins invitation and the two are set to square off again on Monday night.

We're not too sure where things are headed between these two. But with Stewart soon to step down from 'The Daily Show' and Wrestlemania 31 right around the corner, we’ll definitely be tuning in on Monday night to see how this one plays out when the pair meet again, this time in the squared circle.