John Cena came face to face with Jon Stewart, the man who cost him his US title at SummerSlam, on Monday night’s edition of WWE Raw and let’s just say ‘The Daily Show’ host came off on the losing end. The 52 year old had unexpectedly decided to get involved in Cena’s match during Sunday’s SummerSlam event, delivering a chair to the gut of the WWE Superstar.

John CenaJon Stewart got slammed by John Cena on Monday night.

Stewart had attempted to explain his actions to the Brooklyn crowd, saying he attacked Cena because he didn't want to see him equal Ric Fliar’s 16 title reigns. Cena, as the US champ, was competing in a title vs tile match with World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins and left Sunday’s event empty handed.

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Explaining why he helped Rollins win the former ‘Daily Show’ host said, ’It was because in my heart I could not let John Cena tie the great Ric Flair for 16 championships. Because in my mind the champ is Flair. Not on my watch, wasn't going to let it happen.' 

But while Stewart might have felt Cena wasn’t worthy, Ric Flair himself didn't agree and the former world champ appeared to tell Stewart, 'I appreciate what you were thinking last night but to be honest with you I was pulling for John Cena.’

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Cena himself then came out to confront the Comedy Central star and he didn't seem to have much time for Stewart’s attempt at reasoning. Telling the satirist he was just ‘just gonna do, what I gotta do,’ he then hoisted him up on his shoulders and delivered a devastating AA slam. That’ll probably make Stewart think twice before he interferes in a WWE match again.