Former host of ‘The Daily Show’ Jon Stewart made quite the impact during his first big gig since leaving the Comedy Central series, when he got involved in the WWE World Heavyweight Title match between John Cena and Seth Rollins at SummerSlam on Sunday. Stewart, who was hosting the event, shockingly attacked Cena with a chair during the match, causing his former nemesis Rollins to pick up the win.

The host of #WWE #SummerSlam Jon Stewart heads to the ring to start the show!

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The four hour event at the Barclays Center in New York began with Stewart welcoming the 15,000 plus fans and telling them that after leaving the world of politics he was happy to now get to spend some time in reality. Stewart then brought out WWE legend Mick Foley who declined the chance to be his back up if he came face to face with former champ Brock Lesnar.

During a thrilling title versus title match between World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins and United States Champion John Cena a referee knock out led to one of the evenings most surprising moments.

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When the ref went down it looked as if Cena was about to take the victory when he managed to hit Rollins with the Attitude Adjustment. But with no one to count the fall Rollins eventually got up and managed to knock down Cena with a knee to the nose.

But in the most unlikely of all the unlikely run-ins Jon Stewart then came charging down the ramp with a chair and at first looked as if he was going to renew his rivalry with Rollins.

However the former ‘The Daily Show’ host appears to have buried the hatchet with Rollins and instead he delivered a chair to the gut of Cena. That plus a pedigree was all Rollins needed to retain his belt and take Cena’s US title.

The other big match of the night saw the latest chapter in The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar saga come to a confusing end, leaving fans wondering where will the feud go from here. After a hard fought match it seemed Lesnar had won when the bell rang as he had the veteran in his Kimura lock.

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But referee Charles Robinson hadn't actually called for the bell and the match was ordered to continue, after The Undertaker had delivered a sneaky low blow to Lesnar during the confusion. The Dead Man was then able to trap Lesnar in his Hell’s Gate submission hold, before the former UFC champ passed out, with The Undertaker being declared the winner in a controversial finish.

The evening also saw Stephen Amell, star of CW’s comic book series ‘Arrow’ make his in-ring debut when he teamed with Neville to take on Stardust and King Barrett. The event is the second of three sold-out nights for the WWE at the Barclays Center, with the NXT Takeover special taking place on Saturday evening and Monday night Raw being held tonight.