Politically minded TV hosts Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly brought the laughs to George Washington University in Washington, D.C., with a charity spoof of the on-going presidential campaign on Saturday night(October 6th).

Under the title The Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium, Stewart stared as the fictitious Democrat facing O'Reilly's Republican 'candidate,' with the whole thing being live-streamed to an eager online audience.

The 90-minute debate first brought the laughs when the 5'7" Stewart decided to go one bit higher than the 6'4" O'Reilly by using a mechanical pedestal to gain the height advantage. Comedy Central's outspoken Liberal Stewart then proceeded to lay into Fox News controversially right-wing O'Reilly, labelling him as the 'Mayor of Bullsh*t Mountain.' The debate was not solely a chance for the two hosts to go at each other's throats though, as the whole thing was a light-hearted and good natured affair whose main purpose was to bring the laughs, USA Today and CNN have both said.

The two went on to exchange their own comical opinions on the state of America, dealing with the ongoing conflict in the Middle East and the economy, with Stewart referring to America's debt by saying; "We are merely weeks from being a failed state or, even worse, Greece. The way to solve it is to kill Big Bird."

The 'debate' also allowed for a few random questions, such as who would each of them save if America was burning? O'Reilly replied: "Oprah." Whereas Stewart said: "My family," but allowing that, "Oprah's a great answer too."