‘The Daily Show’s’ Jon Stewart certainly found an interesting way to even the odds last night, when he came face to face with his nemesis, WWE Superstar Seth Rollins, during Monday’s edition of 'Raw'. The late night host, who’s been embroiled in a feud with Rollins for the past few weeks, ‘went low’ on the wrestler, after things turned ugly during a sit down segment between the two.

Jon StewartThe 'Daily Show's' Jon Stewart

It all started nearly a month ago when Rollins, who calls himself the future of the WWE, declared on 'Raw' he was now untouchable and could do anything he wanted, even take over as host of ‘The Daily Show’ and “make that thing actually watchable.”

But Stewart wasn't going to take Rollins' diss lying down and a few days later the comedian released a homemade video where he called out the wrestler and told him, "This is the biggest mistake you've ever made, going after 'The Daily Show'. I'm coming for you Rollins, and you're going to see it. One hundred and sixty pounds of dynamite.”

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Things got more headed last Thursday when Rollins crashed ‘The Daily Show’ set, interrupting Stewart’s ‘moment of zen’ challenging the host to appear on Monday’s edition of 'Raw' in his home state of New Jersey.

With the ring set up to replicate ‘The Daily Show’ set Rollins, flanked by his personal security team J&J, began by taking digs at Stewart for his stints hosting the Oscars and his 2014 directorial debut Rosewater.

Convinced the host would be a no show, Rollins told the Newark crowd, "Let's give Stewart some credit where it's deserved. He's a smart guy. He obviously decided not to show up tonight...I wouldn't show up if I were him either. I mean, Jon Stewart really wants to retire on his own terms, and if Jon Stewart showed up here tonight, I would force him to retire immediately because it is quite difficult to do a phoney news show with your jaw wired shut.”

But much to the wrestler’s shock Stewart did appear and what’s more he had a lot of truths to lay on Rollins. Referring to the Money in the Bank briefcase holder as “a SWAT team stripper with Lady Gaga’s hair,” Stewart tried to show Rollins the error of his ways, but the wrestler soon became tired of listening.

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After telling Rollins "You may be stronger than me, you may be better looking than me, you may be taller than me…but let me tell you this: I have something you'll never have and that's respect,” the ‘Daily Show’ host found himself starring into a world of trouble, as the wrestler grabbed him and looked ready to make good on his threats.

But luckily for Jon, Rollins was soon distracted by the arrival of fellow superstar Randy Orton, giving the ‘Daily Show’ host enough time to administer a devastating low blow. As Stewart made his way backstage celebrating, the embarrassed look on Rollins' face probably means this score is far from being settled.

Still, for now at least, the ‘Daily Show’ host is most definitely one up on 'Mr Money in the Bank'.