With election fever hotting up in the USA, Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly took to their soapboxes to provide their own debate over the Presidential duel running between current incumbent Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Unsurprisingly though, given that the host of The Daily Show and The O'Reilly Commentary man are known for their irreverence, the conversation soon turned into something a little more trivial and light hearted, with much of the debate coming down to their respective heights.

Called Rumble In The Air-Conditioned Auditorium, the live-streamed 90 minute chat soon descended into humour with the 5'7 Stewart looking positively diminutive next to the 6'4 O'Reilly. This was addressed by the production team, who gave Stewart a mechanical platform so that he could rise and lower himself. "I can see why Obama did badly in the debate," he said after going up. "The altitude really is rough up here." Their main disagreement focused on what Romney had recently said about 47% not being able to take responsibility of their lives. "About 20% of us are slackers, and it's a growing industry," O'Reilly said, only to be shot down by Stewart as "bulls***"

The debate did focus on some key points, but ultimately the aim of the game seemed to be on comedy and entertainment, which those paying $4.95 for the stream got in spades. It was certainly a great deal livelier than the real candidates' debate last week.