Jon Stewart mocked media reports claiming he had colluded with President Barack Obama in promoting the President’s political agenda on his show. Stewart addressed the claims on The Daily Show on Wednesday (29th July) in a segment entitled When Barry Met Silly. He revealed the two meetings he had with the President were not quite as secret as some media outlets made them out to be.

Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart addressed claims he colluded with President Obama.

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Stewart explained how he had meetings with the President in 2011 and 2014. Their meetings, held in the Oval Office in the White House, were recorded in the visitor logs - probably a big giveaway if you’re trying to sneak in anywhere! Stewart debunked the rumours by joking about how they were so ‘secret’, he’d even told his mother who had, in turn, told her gossipy friends!

“I went through the normal White House entrance like everyone else, and I told my mom what I was doing, and then she told her friends, and then her friends were like, 'Still not a cardiologist.'” Stewart said. “But the point is this: Something is not a secret just because you don't know about it!"

Stewart continued to discuss the conversations he’d had with Obama, including their argument about what to have for lunch and how the President simply wanted to ask why Stewart is such an “a**hole”. He also joked how they’d been joined for dinner by other such conspiracy theory characters as the Area 51 alien and Elvis, as People reports.

52-year-old Stewart was hitting back at a number of right wing media outlets. They claimed, upon discovering Stewart had met privately with the President, that Stewart had been ‘cultivated’ to promote Obama’s agenda.

“Top Obama aides David Axelrod and Austan Goolsbee knew Stewart’s voice mattered and made sure to field calls and emails from the host and Daily Show staff,” one political magazine, Politico, claimed in their report.

Stewart’s response was made on one of his last shows. Stewart will be stepping down from hosting The Daily Show next Thursday (6th August).

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