Movie mogul Jon Peters is taking legal action to evict his ex-wife Christine Forsyth-Peters and their two adopted children from his Hollywood mansion. The SUPERMAN RETURNS producer owns the Beverly Hills, California property in which Christine has lived with adopted daughters CALEIGH and SKYE for 11 years. Jon has never paid child support for their daughters, and Christine "always assumed the house was in lieu of cash", according to But the film-maker claims he only wanted to redecorate the mansion, not evict anyone, and that Christine refused his reasonable requests to do so. His lawyer STEPHEN KOLODNY says, "It is untrue that Jon Peters is attempting to throw Christine Peters out of her house. "The home is not owned by Christine Peters. Mr Peters' estate has provided Christine and her daughters with a lovely house to live in rent-free for the past 11 years. "The need for the intervention of the court arose when Mr Peters merely attempted to do some remodeling work on the house, which would not have unreasonably interfered with its use by Christine or the girls - but Christine refused to allow him to do so. "Jon's previous numerous attempts to adopt the girls (since their split) have been thwarted by Christine. Now she wants to impose upon him the legal obligation of child support because it suits her present purposes. "Despite the fact their marriage only lasted two months... 16 years later, Christine is trying to extract more money from Jon. For some, there is never enough money to be taken from the kindhearted and generous." The couple married in 1986, before divorcing the following year (87).