Matthew Weiner, the creator of AMC's Mad Men which begins its final season on Sunday (April 13, 2014), says he thought of a "fitting end" to the show several years ago and wants to ensure  "to leave the characters in a place where they're going to be in viewers' imaginations forever."

Mad Men Season 7Don Draper in Mad Men, Season 7

The looming end to the Madison Ave drama will conclude the story of creative director Don Draper - a character generally considered as one of the greatest television creations in history, after being played with aplomb by Jon Hamm.

"There's been a constant assertion about Don being out of touch, and that, by 1968, his style of advertising isn't working anymore. I've never felt that," Weiner told the Associated Press this week, "What I do feel, particularly last season, is that society has caught up to him. Identity issues caught up with society, which made the society more like Don. He's never been MORE in touch.

"The world is changing. That was the original intention of the show. And change makes everybody feel out of place."

Weiner made sure that the preview episode shared with TV critics was accompanied by a huge list of details not to be divulged - especially what's going on with Don's work and private life. However, what we do know that that the episode is written by Weiner himself and includes Elisabeth Moss, John Slattery, Vincent Kartheiser, Christina Hendricks and Aaron Staton - in other words, the big guns.

Silence and mystery have been big things for Weiner since the birth of the show.

"This was a decision I made at the show's pilot stage," he said, pointing to January Jones, who plays Don's ex. "She was not part of any of the press material for the first season, because I didn't want anyone who watched the pilot to know until its final moments that Don was married."

"If 'Mad Men' continues to be watched after its ending airs, whoever approaches it will know how it ends," Weiner said when pushed on the conclusion. "However we end the show, there won't be any more secrets. That's kind of weird."

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