AMC's signature drama series 'Mad Men' begins its long campaign to end the show this year, with Matt Weiner having the enviable job (or is that unenviable?) of bringing Don Draper's story to a close. The Emmy Award-winning drama  airs seven-episodes in April 2014 before a final seven in April 2015 - 'Breaking Bad' style.

Mad Men season 7Don Draper In The 'Mad Men' Season 7 Teaser

Weiner - in conversation with Buzzfeed - hinted that the show may not wrap up in the late 1960's. When asked if it was always his plan for Mad Men to wrap up in 1969 - as is expected - Weiner offered up a shrewd response. 

"No, and I'm not going to say when it ends - you have to watch - but in my fantasy of the show going on this long, which I did not believe it would when I started it, I did want to cover a long period in these characters' lives, and unlike a lot of TV, not make it an abstract. and keep doing stories and never have it move on. The intention of the show starting in 1960 was to reframe or revise people's concept of what it was like to live then, and show how similar it was to now, or how different it was - and all of the sex and all of the reframing of that, and not being Leave It to Beaver."

"Growing up, I graduated high school in the mid-'80s, and drastic differences between the late '70s and the early '80s are not apparent until much later."

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Perhaps more significant was Weiner's discussion of The Beatles' Abbey Road album and in particular, the song The End. In explaining the importance of that track, the show-runner referenced one well pretty famous drama series.

"Looking at that last album [Abbey Road], even though it's not the last album released, there is something about that medley that is, to me, the apex of the collaborative experience that they had as a band, the differences that they had as a band, and I just always loved that the album actually ends, almost like The Sopranos did, in the middle of a song. It's just, "Cut!"

"I think they [viewers] should expect, as much as they can, to see our version of resolution. But what I'm really interested in is the last chapter, not in these people's lives, but what we know about in these people's lives," he added.

The final season of Mad Men begins Sunday, April 13 at 10 p.m. on AMC.