Just as it looked as though Don and Sylvia's affair was reaching fever pitch, the Drapers were propositioned by another couple on Sunday's episode 'To Have And To Hold.' The power couple head out for dinner with Megan's married boss Mel and his wife, but when Mel suggests going back to their place to "smoke some grass and become friends," things get a little awkward.

Mad Men Season 6Don and Megan Are Propositioned By Another Couple In Mad Men Season 6 Episode 4

Elsewhere, Megan tells Don she is expected to film love scenes for her latest acting gig - "I guess if I wasn't your husband, I would be happy for you," he responds. Later, he shows up on set and sees the scene in action, tearing into his wife for "taking money to kiss someone." He storms home and visits Sylvia. 

Predictably, the lead up to Joan's promotion to partner begin to come back to haunt her. Harry begins to counter her authority and essentially calls her a whore in front of the other partners. Though she's a partner, Joan is beginning to realise that she'll never be accepted as one of the big players.

Most critics have picked up on the fact that the episode featured the second occasion that the usually imperious Dom has pitched an ad campaign that revolves around something that isn't there. Remember the man on the beach who had disappeared into the sea? This time, it was the ketchup that wasn't on the fries or the burger.

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