Finally, after weeks of doom and gloom, the Mad Men writers stretched their comedic muscles with an Easter weekend episode that will make it into MM history. Not that it starts out that way, mind you. It’s February 13 and, as per tradition, Don Draper starts the day by sleeping in and watching a lot of television and binging on booze – but not too much, of course. He has a meeting, but it’s not until later in the day, so that leaves plenty of time to interrogate Dawn, who comes by mainly to keep him up to date on the goings on at SCP.

Mad Men Still
Don is still boozing, Megan's still a character, sort of.

Meanwhile at SCP, Peggy, ever the workaholic, is asking Stan to hand in some work before the end of the day. Doesn’t seem likely on Valentine’s Day, but you’ve got to admire her for trying. But let’s not forget that Peggy is A. a woman and B. very, very single. Obviously it all blows up in her face. Not only will she not get the work done, but she, along with the viewers has to endure a few painfully awkward minutes of V-Day banter.Needless to say, Ginsberg's crude assessment that Peggy had an evening of "masturb[ating] gloomily" lined up definitely was a new low for Peggy. But the worst is yet to come.