Jon Hamm believes he would be a ''terrible'' father.

The 41-year-old 'Mad Men' actor and partner of 14-years Jennifer Westfeldt have never tried for children - and with good reason according to Jon.

He said: ''I'd be a terrible father!

''I see my friends who have children and I'm like, 'Dude, how are you even upright, much less here at work at 6am?'''

But he admits having a soft spot for his co-star January Jones' six-month-old son Xander. He told US Weekly: ''Xander is cute as a button!''

Jennifer, 42 - who is currently starring alongside Jon in 'Friends with Kids', which she also directed - has similar ideas when it comes to parenthood.

She told The New York Times: ''I've thought about this a lot lately. I never thought I'd be this age and not have kids.

''But my life has also gone in a million ways I never anticipated. I kept feeling like I'd wake up with absolute clarity, and I haven't. And we have a pretty great life together.

''The chance that we'll regret it doesn't seem like a compelling enough reason to do it. I may wake up tomorrow with that lighting bolt, and I'll have to scramble to make it happen.''