Jon Fratelli doesn't think 'Chelsea Dagger' is The Fratellis best song.

The 36-year-old rocker and his bandmates - Barry Fratelli and Mince Fratelli - have just released their first album in two years 'Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied', but Jon feels like ''nothing'' has changed over the years because he just continues to write songs and he doesn't think their huge single is any more ''special'' than anything else they've made.

Asked how the band have come on since 'Chelsea Dagger', Jon exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''Oh, I don't know, I've no idea, I don't know that we have, I don't know that we haven't, that's just a song, you know. I never thought it was particularly special or not special. It had a life of its own then it did very well. Nothing very much really changes for me. I just continue to write songs as songs arrive. I never particularly feel that one's any more special than the other.''

The quirky Glaswegian frontman also revealed the new LP is based on fictional characters he has invented rather his personal life, including 'Too Much Wine' which he made because songs about drinking and rock 'n' roll have ''always gone hand-in-hand'' and they needed the song for ''a bit of light relief''.

He added: It's ['Too Much Wine'] all fiction. Everything to some degree is fiction, it may get closer to the truth, but that doesn't mean that it's necessarily true. Drinking songs and rock and roll have always gone hand-in-hand. Drug songs and rock and roll have always gone hand-in-hand.

''They don't even need to necessarily come from personal experience. But too much wine and rock bands seem to fit together quite well. We needed that kind of song, sometimes you just need a bit of light relief.''

'Eyes Wide, Tongue Tide' is out now.