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13th March 2017

Fact: Iron Man filmmaker Jon Favreau has signed on to executive produce and direct the first episode of The Big Bang Theory spin-off show Young Sheldon. The new series will focus on the background of Jim Parsons' character, Sheldon Cooper, with Big Little Lies actor Iain Armitage in the titular role.

12th April 2016

Fact: Filmmaker Jon Favreau is in talks to develop a sequel to his new Disney movie The Jungle Book. The live-action take on the classic Rudyard Kipling story opens in U.S. theatres on Friday (15Apr16), but strong reviews have already prompted Disney bosses to greenlight a follow-up, with hopes for the entire star-studded cast to return. The film features newcomer Neel Sethi as Mowgli, Bill Murray as Baloo the bear, Christopher Walken as ape leader King Louie, Ben Kingsley as panther Bagheera, Idris Elba as tiger Shere Khan, Lupita Nyong'o as Mother Wolf Raksha, and Scarlett Johansson as snake Kaa.

19th December 2014

Quote: "Although it’s not a musical, we wanted to work in the more memorable moments from the 1967 film." Director Jon Favreau confirms Bill Murray will be singing Bare Necessities as bear character Baloo in his new Jungle Book adaptation.

18th May 2014

Quote: "We're ripping out the whole kitchen, and chefs, they don't like granite and marble; they like stainless steel and open shelves, so our kitchen in our home is slowly transforming into a restaurant kitchen." Actor/director Jon Favreau's new movie Chef has inspired him to get cooking.

16th May 2014

Quote: "It was fun to scream at Oliver Platt because he's been beating me out for roles for 20 years. I would audition for stuff and then I'd go to the movie and he's in it." Actor/director Jon Favreau enjoyed lashing out at his longtime pal and film rival in their new movie Chef.

2nd May 2013

Quote: "They flew me to Wilmington, North Carolina and out in a field they built the entrance of the Grauman's Chinese Theater and I was like, 'You know we have one of these back in L.A...?' Is it really that cost-effective to actually build the entire front of the Chinese Theater in a cow field?" IRON MAN 3 star Jon Favreau on his odd location shoot.

2nd May 2013

Fact: Iron Man director Jon Favreau has taken cooking lessons to prepare for an independent movie he's planning called Chef.

3rd January 2013

Fact: Iron Man director Jon Favreau has signed on to direct one of the final episodes of hit U.S. Tv comedy The Office.

20th October 2011

Tweet: "Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday Tooo Youuu!! If the licensing fee wasn't so high I'd sing it on twitter right now. Love you!" Actress Olivia Wilde wishes her Cowboys & Aliens director Jon Favreau a happy birthday. He turned 45 on Wednesday (19Oct11).

9th August 2011

Quote: "The parties were either at my house because I had the kids and the pool, or if they were night parties, they were at Daniel's, because he had the tequila." Director Jon Favreau's celebrations were different to his Cowboys & Aliens star Daniel Craig's parties.

3rd August 2011

Quote: "When I was an usher, I was watching Indiana Jones 2, Return of the Jedi over and over again and here I am on the set with Harrison Ford, who is a hero to me." Cowboys & Aliens director Jon Favreau on his days as a cinema assistant in Flushing, New York.

3rd August 2011

Quote: "It was looking like a tie for number one and I had a blue skidmark in my drawers." Moviemaker Jon Favreau on learning that his blockbuster Cowboys & Aliens was competing for the number one spot at the U.S. box office with The Smurfs this weekend (29-31Jul11). Favreau's film took the top spot with $36.4 million (£22.8 million), just $1 million (£625,000) more than The Smurfs.

3rd August 2011

Quote: "He showed up with, like, gold teeth... He makes a lot of his own choices... and he wanted to do his part all in Russian... and then my friend said, 'Do you know Mickey is on YouTube...? He's in Russia, in jail.' He flew himself to Russia and got himself locked up in a prison as research while we were rehearsing. He goes above and beyond." Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau on working with Mickey Rourke.

27th July 2011

Fact: Filmmaker Jon Favreau has taken over U.S. talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! - he serves as director on Wednesday night's (27Jul11) episode, which features an interview with Olivia Wilde, the star of his new film Cowboys & Aliens.

24th July 2011

Quote: "They generally don't get to experience that part of it. That's more of a Hollywood thing." Director Jon Favreau chose to premiere his new sci-fi action film Cowboys & Aliens at Comic-Con for the fans. The movie's big stars, including Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde, all walked the red carpet at the San Diego, California event on Saturday (23Jul11).

28th June 2011

Quote: "Many people have come to believe that visitors from outer space had something to do with building the pyramids and so, it just seemed that if ancient Egyptians had had an interaction, why couldn't pioneers of the west." Movie mogul Steven Spielberg was inspired to get behind director Jon Favreau's new sci-fi fantasy film Cowboys & Aliens after reading up on ancient Egyptian mythology.

1st May 2010

Quote: "He does look good in ruby slippers." IRON MAN director Jon Favreau pokes fun at reports suggesting Robert Downey, JR. is set to play the Wizard in a prequel to The Wizard of Oz.

8th June 2009

Quote: "I had always wanted to work with Robert Downey, JR.. He called me said, 'You should really do this. It's with (director) Jon Favreau, it's going to be a great, and don't you want to be in a movie that people actually see?'" Gwyneth Paltrow reveals how her IRON MAN co-star convinced her to film her first blockbuster.

7th May 2009

Quote: "Scarletts first day on set in the Black Widow outfit, youve never heard a crew get so quiet so fast. IRON MAN 2 director Jon Favreau took to to admit work on the film was temporarily halted when the crew first caught sight of Scarlett Johansson in her skin-tight superhero costume.

2nd October 2008

Fact: "We wrecked two Audi R8s... and we didn't use it in the movie - and that was very uncomfortable. The car wouldn't flip." Moviemaker Jon Favreau is relieved he can show the alternative ending to IRON MAN on the film's new DVD - because he smashed up two top sports cars making it.

8th May 2008

Fact: Paramount Pictures bosses have bought actor/director Jon Favreau a new top-of-the-line Mercedes as a thank you for his work on IRON MAN, which became the biggest box opener of 2008 around the world on Sunday (04May08). The Swingers star picked up his new surprise ride as he left Hollywood hotspot Mr Chow after dining with Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. on Tuesday night (06May08).

2nd September 2006

Fact: Actor John Michael Higgins' first child was born on the same day as his THE BREAK-UP co-star Jon Favreau's third baby (29AUG06).

14th May 2006

Quote: "Those guys would fly in for, like, a day or two, stay up late playing poker and drinking and everything, and then show up on the set. It was like working with the RAT PACK." The Break Up director Peyton Reed on working with pals Vince Vaughn, Jon Favreau, Cole Hauser and Jason Bateman on the romantic comedy.

6th March 2006

Fact: SCREAM star David Arquette is to play a suicidal businessman who literally shoots himself in the foot in actor/director Jon Favreau's new TV sitcom IN CASE OF EMERGENCY.

7th February 2006

Fact: <p>Jack Black and SWINGERS star Jon Favreau both auditioned for Philip Seymour Hoffman's role as Lester Bangs in Almost Famous. </p>

22nd December 2005

Quote: <p>"As far as I'm concerned, if you don't buy your kid the cutting edge of technology, you are neglecting that child. It's tantamount child abuse." Actor Jon Favreau loves to spoil his kids. </p>

22nd December 2005

Quote: <p>"As everybody knows, sexuality blossoms with marriage. Sex gets better and better every year." Actor/director Jon Favreau loves being a married man. </p>

8th November 2005

Quote: <p>"You think you're travelling with THE Beatles." Jon Favreau on what it's like to spend time with best pal Vince Vaughn and his rumoured girlfriend Jennifer Aniston. </p>

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