The Bon Jovi frontman is to open the B.E.A.T. Center in Toms River through his Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation.

Workers at the facility, named after an acronym of Bringing Everyone All Together, will dish up meals for at-risk children and the elderly, and hand out food stamps. The centre will also house a second branch of the singer's community restaurant, the JBJ Soul Kitchen, which allows diners to pay for their meal with a $10 (£6.30) donation or through volunteer work.

The location was chosen because the area of Toms River in Ocean County, New Jersey was badly hit by Superstorm Sandy in 2012 and has struggled to bounce back.

Bon Jovi says, "Ocean County was directly impacted by Hurricane Sandy; it was not a wealthy county to begin with. At one point or another, 45 per cent of households that had kids needed emergency food relief services during the course of the last year. I know people who have been hungry. You'd be shocked to know these hardworking, middle-class people from the tri-state area who after the economic downturn couldn't afford to keep a consistent, nutritious meal on the table."