Jon Bon Jovi is happy to be the ''poster boy'' for married rockers.

The Bon Jovi frontman has been married to Dorothea Hurley since 1989 and is pleased to have a stable marriage, having seen so many musical colleagues go through divorce.

Jon said: ''I've been blessed to have my wife in my life for so long and it made home life balanced. I didn't have to fret about that. I've seen my guys go through divorces and difficult times, and trying to leave it off the stage isn't easy.

''I'm the only one lucky enough not to have been divorced. It's taxing up here! Bono's been married for as long or longer, so has Bruce [Springsteen], but I have to accept this mantle of being the poster boy of married rock stars. I'm happy with that.''

Jon also opened up about the pain he felt after his friend and songwriting partner Richie Sambora left the band for personal reasons in 2013.

The 58-year-old singer explained: ''The departure of Richie, the booze and the drugs and that stuff, it broke my heart. I got through it with a lot of help, talking to people, reading books, and time. Time heals that kind of disappointment.''

Bon Jovi confessed to being irritated that the 'Livin' On A Prayer' band weren't inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame until 2018.

He told The Times newspaper: ''I was a little miffed. There were times I was a little. Any guy in a rock band has that rebellious part that feels like 'we're the best band in the world'. Every band that ever takes the stage wants to be considered good.''

Jon admitted that he considers The Rolling Stones to be a superior rock band to his own.

When asked if Bon Jovi were the world's greatest band, he said: ''No! Absolutely not. That's the Stones, end of story. Longevity, catalogue of music, ability to still fill stadiums and perform as good as, or better than, anyone. Mick Jagger still has it over me. I'd carry Jagger's suitcase any day of the week.''