The Bon Jovi frontman and his Kings of Suburbia band were scheduled to play a near-sold out show on Saturday (22Aug15) at Stanley Park, but on Monday (17Aug15), a spokesman for Bon Jovi Tours Inc. announced the gig was cancelled, after local promoters at Paper Rain Performances were unable to "guarantee a properly-produced event."

But on Thursday (20Aug15), fans received good news that the show will go on, after Bon Jovi secured a deal with officials at nearby Rogers Arena.

A statement from Paul Korzilius of Bon Jovi Management reads: "Ever since we were forced to announce the cancellation of Stanley Park, Paper Rain Performances has perpetuated confusion and misinformation. Through it all, it has been Jon’s main concern that he find a way to make good on the promoter’s failed attempt to put on the show. Finally, the stage is set and we can confidently announce that all proper pieces are in place for a great show.

"Vancouver is a special city for Jon, who has recorded three albums and given countless performances here. The task of relocating could not have been possible without Rogers Arena’s support... As we said on Monday, Jon has always been willing, able and excited to perform on Saturday - now it’s real."

Korzilius also tells Billboard that Paper Rain Performances did not pull through with their end of the bargain, saying, "They didn’t have the permit and they didn’t have the stage, which are two key elements. It was in shambles."

Paper Rain Performances has since taken down its website and amid reports of insolvency, and Korzilius reveals he and his associates are seeking legal action.

Bon Jovi's team had only a day and a half to scramble together and find a major venue to hold the concert, but Korzilius says the rocker was adamant about putting on a show for his dedicated fans.

He says, "Jon Bon Jovi takes care of his fans. He loves them dearly and respects them greatly... Jon has had blown out knees, and torn muscles and flu and everything else. Thirty years and 3,000 shows and its absolutely incredible. The man is true to his word and will fight through anything, hell or high water, to make it happen and he certainly has in this case.”

The Doors' Robby Krieger is still slated to serve as the opening act for Jon Bon Jovi and the Kings of Suburbia at Saturday's gig.