The musician and his wife Dorothea have already aligned themselves with Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton by hosting a fundraiser for the former Secretary of State in New Jersey on Monday evening (29Jun15), but that didn't stop the singer from letting his pal Christie play a handful of tracks by his band Bon Jovi as the politician officially declared he was joining the race for the White House.

Supporters heard the songs Because We Can and It's My Life prior to Christie's speech, and he left the stage to We Weren't Born to Follow - and now the frontman, a longtime Democrat, has confirmed the Governor had his approval to make use of the tunes.

A statement issued by New Jersey native Bon Jovi to reads, "My friendships are apolitical and yes, I absolutely gave him permission to use the songs."

The news emerges two weeks after Neil Young publicly blasted Christie's Republican rival Donald Trump for using his anthem, Rockin' In the Free World, without permission as the property tycoon-turned-reality TV mogul unveiled his presidential bid.

Trump's representatives hit back, insisting they were fully authorised to use the song, while the businessman himself later weighed in, accusing Young of being a "total hypocrite" and claiming, "Neil Young's song, Rockin' In The Free World was just one of 10 songs used as background music. Didn't love it anyway..."