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Bon Jovi Returns To The Eighties For Saturday Night Live

JON BON JOVI was whisked back in time for a hilarious skit on America's SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE at the weekend (13Oct07) when he helped re-enact show regular AMY POEHLER's childhood dream of meeting the rocker....

Bon Jovi Attacks Oasis, Robbie Williams And Beckham

Singer JON BON JOVI has launched a scathing attack at British rockers OASIS and pop star ROBBIE WILLIAMS - insisting their music is so bad they "couldn't fill a bar". The Livin' On A Prayer...

Bon Jovi Sacked Management To Save His Band

JON BON JOVI fired his manager, lawyer and accountants in a bid to save his group. The rocker admits BON JOVI were closer to splitting a few years ago than fans would like to imagine,...

Bon Jovi Regrets Snubbing Sinatra

JON BON JOVI will take his biggest regret to the grave - he never met his hero FRANK SINATRA. The rocker admits he had many opportunities to meet his idol but was never mature enough...

Bon Jovi Relates To Gangster Tv Series

Rocker JON BON JOVI is reminded of his own childhood when watching Mafia drama THE SOPRANOS because he relates to the characters' shifty behaviour. The singer/songwriter, who grew up in a working-class area of New...

Bon Jovi Jealous Of Rose Attention

JON BON JOVI is disgusted rock rival AXL ROSE receives more media attention than he does, because the reclusive GUNS N' ROSES frontman "hasn't made a record in 13 years". New Jersey rockers BON JOVI...

Bon Jovi's Pre-teen Sex Shock

Rock god JON BON JOVI enjoyed his first sexual experiences at the tender age of 12 with a "desperate housewife". The PLEASE COME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS star admits the seduction was a little early,...

Jon Bon Jovi: I Did Ally Mcbeal To Keep Busy

Rocker and sometime actor JON BON JOVI decided to appear in hit American sitcom ALLY McBEAL because the work kept him busy. But the LIVING ON A PRAYER singer admits he also has a...

Bon Jovi Keeps Pressure Off Kids

Rocker JON BON JOVI's daughter STEPHANIE has inherited her dad's gift for music - but the big-haired star won't be pushing her into a showbusiness career. The LIVIN' ON A PRAYER singer is hoping...

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