Review of Stronger Everyday Album by Jon B

Jon B

Jon B - Stronger Everyday - Album Review

Jon B

Stronger Everyday

Producer: Tracey Edmonds

Jon B’s combination of pulsating beats and seductive lyrics make “Stronger Everyday” an ideal record to play after bringing a lady home.

But although very well produced by Tracey Edmonds, it all sounds very familiar and there is nothing outstanding. The strings on “Patient” are almost identical to Usher’s on “You remind me of a girl”.

Jon B - Stronger Everyday - Album Review

There is a bizarre and failed attempt to mix R’n’B with Dancehall in Beenie Man and Farena’s “Everytime” remix. The Dancehall beat add’s some masculinity to the album but it doesn’t work, Jon B is too much of a pretty boy to punch his weight in the Dancehall world, Sean Paul holds that belt.

MasterMind street mix of “Lately” is another misplaced effort. More bass, more 80s rap sounds and a more pronounced old skool rap style beat negate the resonance and sentiment of Jon B’s emotional lyrics.

Jon B has written some good songs though. The highlight being “Thru the fire”. An inspirational song encouraging kids to hold on to their dreams, stay low and fly high. Arethra Franklin can be heard singing her lungs out and Scarface raps from the heart.

Fans of Jon B will no doubt be impressed.

Alex Mula