Johnny Marr has learnt ''if it sounds better on a guitar, just go with it.''

The musician played lots of synthesisers and keyboards after quitting as The Smiths' guitarist in 1987, but came back around to his first love when writing songs for his solo debut 'The Messenger'.

He said: ''Ten years ago I'd have been like, 'I'm going to make this sound like Kraftwerk.' Everyone around me would be telling me to play the guitar, and I'd be, 'Shut up, I've done all that!I'm not going to be put in a box!' But it's a good box. People like that box. But it's a good box. That's one thing I learned about myself on this album, when it sounds better on a guitar, just go with it.''

Johnny also said he thinks the legacy of The Smiths has lasted so long because he and singer Morrissey both lived the lifestyle their music represented.

He explained to NME magazine: ''People can see that Morrissey and myself lived it, and still do. Those things are important, because people want people they can believe in. Not everybody needs it, but if you wanted it, The Smiths were that band.''