Johnny Marr hates writing about himself.

The 51-year-old rocker doesn't think his feelings are particularly ''interesting'' to other people and he would rather pen tracks that connect with his fans.

He said: ''Writing about myself is something I really resist. There are enough people writing songs about their own point of view and their own feelings.

''I don't think my own actual feelings are that interesting, and there's this assumption that if you're going to write something emotional it's going to be sad.

''We just jump to that conclusion very quickly but lots of us run around trying to find sense in something, have a cig, make a few phonecalls in our dinner hour or get our heads down and ignore the fact we're on a packed train.

''I'd like more to represent that than anything else, and connect with people who are living that kind of life.''

Johnny wants his music to reach the mainstream and doesn't want to alienate people.

He told Loaded magazine: ''I look at people on the Tube with their earphones in, often as a defence from the outside world and imagine them listening to my record in that situation and think about whether it would work.

''I always want my music to sound cultural. Like it could be played in a shop in the daytime. I never, ever want to be musically elitist.

''If I can wrap up a lyric that says something about our lives, moving around the way we do, in a three-and-a-half minute stomping guitar tune, then I want to do it. It's the perfect medium for the message.''